Items break TOO FAST

24 shots with m4 are about -13 condition. Wow.

Armor loses condition way faster, kevlar gets destroyed so fast.

You have to bring 3 m4 with yourself when you want to raid someone lol


Confirmed. Durability scales wayyy to fast.

Turn it down a notch please karen.

Oh geez. This should be interesting. Instead of firing bullets guns now shoot durability!

24 shots = -13 ?

So you can shoot arround 180 bullets before it breaks ? I think it’s enough, people will think before shooting.

Less spray and pray. Good.

Seems a bit to fast for my liking.

Not bad for a weapon that is crafted with some low quality metal… Not bad at all indeed.

So maybe killing all those nakeds won’t always be worth it? It really isn’t that hard to make another m4 once you have it researched. They want to scale back the usage of military weapons so… this seems to make sense to me.

I am sure it will be adjusted moving forward, or at least I hope it is adjusted moving forward.

Good, now you can stop being an asshole and KOS :smiley:

Can servers adjust the durability rate? I’m sure we’ll see no durability loss servers soon if so.

This won’t change that at all. Just means the KOS guys will carry a “naked” weapon that they’ll use to blow them away, like a shotgun / pipe shotgun / MP5 etc. So I guess you won’t get killed by their M4 or bolt action? Yay? You’ll just get wasted by another weapon.

An M4 wont jam after 150 rounds if it it cleaned and oiled but they will probably tweak the settings, if not there is nothing we can do about it :slight_smile:

Why are people saying you wont be a kos asshole now? you’re automatically assuming people are killing anyone on sight, when in reality people genuinly kos if they believe that the other player has good gear or they believe they are a threat to them

So you’re telling me a noob won’t get head shot by an m4 or bolt action from nearly out of viewing distance anymore? So they might actually stand a chance in getting away or the person who’s KoSing noobs has to get closer to the target? Sounds like a good change to me.

Stalker Clear Sky also had durability feature. Gameplay a lot more interesting.

Oh don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll go back to that once they tweak the durability since currently it’s too ridiculous to be viable. Also it’s not like the majority of naked kills happen at a distance. In the end killing naked guys is perfectly fine and generally a smart strategy given the fact that currently (possibly permanently) you cannot ascertain what another person is carrying and allowing some seemingly innocent “noob” to get within shotgun range of you is too risky. I was nice to too many naked “newbies” for too long when I first started playing and got killed plenty of times because of it. Better to just waste the majority of people you come across since nine times out of ten they’ll do it to you.

There goal was to decrease the use of military grade weapons, I think this overall will do that in some aspect. You may argue about how or when people use them. But making them slowly (or quickly) get destroyed will decrease the amount they are used. Look at how upset people are over it already. Obviously it bugs them because they were so used to having this giant stock pile of endless weapons and never had to worry about running out. It’s basically the equivalent of “gold sink” (currency sink) that they implement into games with an over inflated economy.

and yes if a modded server changes the rate of durability loss you are correct it will go back to the way it was. But they could also turn it off completely (if there isn’t an option to yet it will only be a day or two before a mod is released)

Definitely breaks way too fast, it’s not terrible though, a small tweak to lower the decay rate would probably make it perfect.