Items from my house storage disappearing

So my friend (IRL buddy) and I noticed things missing from our house. We had research kits, tons of material, bullets and other stuff. But stuff keeps just vanishing. Not all of it, and not in large quantities, but enough that it’s become noticeable.

I heard of wallhacks, so I’m curious; do you think it’s a hacker lifting just tiny bits of things, hoping we won’t notice? Because our weapons haven’t vanished yet, just a stack of ammo here and there and our 3 research kits.

Or is this a known issue?

I don’t know why it has to be a hacker… maybe it’s your friend. I’m pretty sure the wall hack was patched somewhat, not sure if that’s possible anymore but I could be wrong.

I think someone’s being very sneaky about raiding you or it’s your friend. I really think that it’s probably your friend lol.

EDIT: Is your door locked? Raiders have been known to blow down a door and replace it with an unlocked door… many people don’t notice.

Well, if raiders replaced my door, I wouldn’t be able to get in and out.

Also, I know it’s not my friend because it was his M4 that went missing.

C4 is disabled on our server, so they aren’t blowing through our walls or our metal doors.

You can leave a door unlocked…
You said that no weapons got stolen…
Your friend could have taken his own gun to his new hidey-home where he’s taking your stuff to…

Also, unrelated, but why would anyone play on a server where C4 is off? Doesn’t that totally ruin the pvp?

Anyways, I don’t think it’s a bug… There’s any number of reasons that your stuff could be going missing. Maybe there are still wall hacks and noclip, but I don’t think there are.
The only bug that I could think that would cause this is if the server is restarting a lot while you’re playing… can cause a sync issue and you’ll sometimes lose or dupe items.

I like how you did not mention any of this during the actual post. You were just waiting to correct someone

I’ve done this, blow a door, replace it, unlock it, and skim stuff over a period of time. I’d split stacks of ore, take half the ammo, two pistols in a box? I’ll take one. It’s great for houses where you know it’s just one person.

Also, grenades are a thing OP.

Oh snap dude, you totally got me. I sat here for hours waiting to correct someone. It couldn’t possibly be that I was simply making a post saying “I put stuff in my box, and now it’s gone” and asking if it was a bug that others may be experiencing, or if I was indeed being raided in a really weird fashion.

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Alright, just curious. That’s what I was curious about, if someone was just stealing but not going all out to make it obvious. Thanks.

Grenades are good for blowing out walls and metal doors too?

Well my friend if you had told us that the server had no c4 and it was impossible to get into the house without being let in, we could of told you someone in your house is untrustworthy faster. See how that works? Also by how fast you shot Sievers down i’m assuming you already have a idea of what happend.

Nvm realized grenades where in the game. Still suspicious how nobody noticed the 11-13 grenades needed to blow up a wall or door.

Another good title for this game is THIEF online)))

Check your doors to make sure no one has placed there own after blowing it up so they always have access? (hold e to make sure you can change password ect) or if its just like 1 wall into there base they could always be blowing up the wall taking some stuff then replacing the wall?

Read the whole thread, mattzey. C4 is turned off on their server (and for whatever reason this wasn’t pertinent enough information to put in the OP facepalm ).

Although grenades could have done the job as well… in fact, now that I think about it, it’s much much more likely.
I was thinking “ohh but who uses grenades? they’re so inefficient” then I realized: on a server where c4 is turned off everyone is probably using grenades.

So yea, you probably just are getting “gentleman raided” as I heard someone call it once lol.

i think that was me who said gentleman raid on my thread where I said I left some stuff and didn’t completely wreck there base, only took what i needed? anyway apologies didn’t realise it was no c4 but ye the server I used to play on was rare c4 and everyone raided with nades so it looks quite likely that was the case, OR on certain servers where the sanity something is edited people can alt f4 when someone opens there door, wait for them to log off and no clip through there doors

Ooooh yea the sanity check, I forgot about that… but, could you really imagine a “gentleman bandit” using the door exploit to raid? lol that’s not very gentlemanly of him

Only happens when we’re away. I didn’t know about the grande thing either, I thought that was not working.

I also misspoke. C4 isn’t disabled in the game, it’s just that airdrops are, so finding C4 on this server is incredibly hard. Not saying they didn’t blow out two walls, but my initial concern was that this was some sort of bug that was causing things to disappear.

I don’t know, I just found it weird that someone would blow out a wall with precious C4, steal like, 250 5.56 rounds, replace the wall, and consider that a good trade. Then come BACK the next day and steal ONE M4 while leaving my weapon stash untouched.

PS - Really need to apologize for messing up the C4 issue. I thought the server said that C4 was disabled, when it was the explosive component that is disabled. And airdrops aren’t working on our server right now.

ah yeh true, obviously the only other thing it could be at all is his friend has been using the ammunition ect but you already said that so I’m lost for ideas then

Lol it’s no biggie, I’m always more harsh on these forums than I need to be.

I still think it’s your friend. :zoid:

Do you have door codes? Maybe someone managed to guess them. Hackers don’t usually make an attempt to play legitimately in the slightest; if someone wallhacked into your base he would have taken everything of value.

Yeah, something weird is going on and I think someone is just fucking with us. My door code is very hard to guess unless it was just random lottery time.

My friend left and set up a game of League of Legends. I left the game last. After the game he goes off to do something so I log back in.

Now there are two more beds in our house (I destoryed them).

I had changed all the codes to the doors before leaving too, and to get to the rooms where these mystery doors were would have taken a LOT of C4.

And again, this time nothing else was missing, all the doors were still in tact and they were my doors.

Let me also emphasize that my friend in the home is a real person I’ve known for 10+ years. We’re adults and he’s not the type of guy who would betray over something ridiculous like a video game, as gaming is all we can do together since I moved 10 hours away to another state.

We’ve had shared homes in Minecraft and Terraria and if he needs something he knows he could just take it, but he always asks just to be sure. Plus, the 250 9mm’s bullets that I “lost” would be a far pettier thing to start drama over and he wouldn’t lie about it.

Issue is, there’s probably no way I can convince you of his character so you’d have to go by my word.

hacker for sure, i played on official UK 1, an aoe hacker killed me while i’m inside my 3 floor base, i spawned inside and noticed all the wood is gone from 3 different boxes in 3 different floors, even the 10-20 wood inside a campfire and 20-30 in furnace.

Just when i thought it was safe to move back to official servers :confused: