Items gone? No doors are broken, my body was in the house etc. read for more info

Hey everyone,

So I went offline, and my corpse was laying in my house, secure.
Metal door at each doorway, sealed off, noting broken, no signs of c4 that broke down anyting.
I came back online, and suddenly I was standing somewhere random with noting on me, so I pressed f1 for suicide, and spawned back at my house. most of my stuff was gone, raided, but no damage on the house?
Is there a wallhack going on or someting? Wtf?

Thanks for reading.
hope to get an answer soon.

they could have blown down a wall with explosive charges and took your stuff then replaced the wall.

People are noclipping/teleporting. Read the last few pages of this thread for a little more information.

Lots of noclippers at the moment who go through doors.

Yeah. Happened to me twice. If you woke up outside, they more than likely hacked into your house. Wall noclip or something like that. They kill you and take all the loot. Don’t know why they don’t destroy anything, even the sleeping bag but the exact same thing has happened to me…

Thanks for a quick response guys, its probally a noclipper as Tom Miller said.
Will this be fixed when it goes life to steam?

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Well they only took specific items like useful materials like wooden planks, weapons, and killed my body obviously that had full red armor on, luckily I still have the recipies, but ffs?
Don’t these ppl have someting better to do then hack other testers? this is so sad -_-

if i had a nickel every time this happened i would have 16,954 nickles.

You have played rust way too much then :smile:

Well, on Australia aswell, there are active people "noclipping’’ on teamspeak I heard, also mentioned by this player: “The Almighty god”

So F— it Im not testing rust again until this is fixed.

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They could have, but since thats very very very rare to break down 6 walls to only get a few items :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t test the game anymore until this specific hack is blocked/removed

Anyone knows when the "‘noclippers’’ hack will be removed?