Items in inventory disappearing (recent issue)

This happened to me and many others periodically, clarifying its credibility.

I’ll describe my encounters with this bug:

  • The first time I was collecting 6 stacks of metal fragments from a large storage crate, a few minutes later I was frantically finding where they had gone. I was uncertain what I had done with it, and had the nagging feeling they just disappeared. So I decided to just let it pass.

The second time my friend was retrieving a stack of metal fragments from the furnace, it disappeared.

The third time we gave someone an M4, P250 and some ammo. They picked it up off the ground and it disappeared.

We also heard of 2 other people in the server having items disappear on them.*

Both the first and third time we were retrieving a bulk amount of items, in a short amount of time. Leading it to be likely a state the server is in at the time. I’m unable to say what can lead to it happening, as it’s intermittent, but it’s happening with general inventory item management.

The server it was happening on was an unmodded community server with about 15 people on at the time.