Items inside Large Storage Boxes - Disappearing?

I didn’t log in for about a week as I kept lagging when trying anything exciting.

After that time I was surprised to find my house still standing but items had disappeared from two large storage boxes - the items were all in the last 4/5 rows after scrolling down inside the box.

Don’t really mind but wondered if this was normal/a bug/something that can be prevented?


Alot can happen in a week.

Were your storage crates close to the outside walls? There is a new hack going around where people can steal from your storage from outside without ever entering your house. They just have to be to a close proximity to take your items.

Your house probably decayed and some one decided to restore it.

NO this is because of the hack.

All items are up three stories behind many metal doors with pillars all around - I don’t think it was a breach.

Also the items missing are not logical of a theft - paper gone from a crate that also held ammo and guns that remained.

I’ve watched the hackers, the are mostly retards so it was most likely hackers.

What an astute observation, please don’t ever breed.

Sorry to say, but you got hack, most likely.

Maybe someone used C4 on your door. Then went in and took all that they wanted. Went out, then placed a wall on your house again?

The only access would have been if they no-clipped through my walls as the only access was through walls with metal doors that are still intact.

I also don’t believe hackers would take paper/research kits and flashlight mods when there were 4/5 stack M4s with attachments available. Also full stacks of ores weren’t touched as well as full stacks of ammo too.

I think its just a bug. i roamed around for 30 minutes and about 4 items were missing from my box.

It’s a hack. People are glitching/hacking through walls and taking stuff. It’s rampant on the server I was playing on, along with item duping.

Everyone is sccreaming hacks because they cant describe something on PC. Its most likely just a bug.

It doesn’t make sense that someone would steal paper over ammo.

Anyone experiencing this ‘bug’? It only appears to effect the last few rows.

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