Items making gmod crash

Ive had gmod for about 2 days, so far not so good.
My desktop gets in just fine, i can go into maps, i have tf2 models available, but every time i use a weapon model from tf2. eg. pistol, minigun, bottle, any weapon, it gives me an error message like:
'the instruction at “0x11873ead” referenced memory at “0x0d111454”. The memory could not be ‘read’. ’

I want to work with gmod to create some stop motion films, but itll be lacking if i cant use guns from tf2.
Please help.

Post PC specs

I wanna bet it’s a RAM error.
I had this error in a 1GB RAM PC, now i’ve got 4 GB, no problems left.

ah thank you gentleman, i see my computer internals are at fault
thanks for your assistance