Items missing from my chest with nothing Damaged.

Hey guys im writing this to know if any one else is having the same problems, i currently had two m4’s and over 500 ammo and now there missing there are alot of other stuff aswell but is this a glitch or a hacker getting into my structure with out taking down metal doors and looting me? Thanks guys and sorry didnt know or couldnt find where to put this thread forgive me

It’s possible that if you placed down your storage crate too near to a wall, it can stick through and people from the other side can open it.

And people can, will and do currently glitch into buildings and through walls using a few tricky techniques.

Its diffidently not that i know this cause you cant see nothing someone has glitched into my building and took all my good stuff :frowning: will building a higher structure help this is any way?

No. They can glitch up too

metal house? you can go through metal foundations.
had the same thing happen to me. they just go under the house and loot it.

Yeah, you work hardcore to get something strong and then a lil’ dickhead comes and takes all of your stuff.
That’s why I with a friend of mine, houses of at least 4 stores with doors all-over so even if he manages to get to the first 2floors he’s stuck afterwards.


And the problem is being looked into :slight_smile: