Items Missing from Storage Boxes

I’ve been playing with some friends on the West Coast server and we were in the house building stuff, all the sudden our items disappear from the storage boxes. Anyone had this issue? It’s quite frustrating.

i had lost 240 low quality metal : /

It’s alpha and rollback is frequent : /

I’m not alone me to. The stuff from aidrop just disappear from my inventory

Our server had a wipe …perhaps yours did as well? As was pointed out however its alpha… your going to lose stuff, get wiped and bug out on occasion get use to it.

Were Eu wiped as well?

All my recently built boxes and constructions are gone that i built over the last hour or so… it happens…back to the drawing board

As far as i know there has been no wipe, but a rollback.

I was lucky took all my valuables from my boxes and logged just before it got rolled back. Came back on to double everything :slight_smile: