Items/Structures/Barricades disappeared

I have a question. I have some problems with my non modded Server or its just a rust problem.
Some metal barricades of a friend are disappeared from one to another day. He built like 20 metal barricades and 3 to 4 barricades in the middle just disappeared.
I dont get it why they disappeared. It wasnt the decay and it wasnt C4, because we are the only one of the Server.
Another: He build a garden with foundations around the plants. He upgraded the foundations to wood and after few hours were 9 of 12 foundations disappeared. the other 3 have full hp (250/250)

Could someone explain me what this is?

Thanks for your help

Where there any signs of a raid(damaged doors and objects, was there a pattern perhaps?)

No, the server is new.
At this time we were alone. And i didnt raid him :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the Attack Helicopter shot a few rockets at a passerby?

But all the metal barricades have full hp. just 3 were disappeared.
And i didnt think that the helicopter shoots at animals.
That is really weird…

I meant a person got shot at and those 3 barricades happened to get hit.

If the helicopter shot rockets at someone, the rockets will do splash damage. that mean the other barricades and the wall behind them need to take damage. but all was full hp. and the helicopter doesnt shoot rockets at someone who hasnt building permissions. or what do you mean?

I don’t know it was just a suggestion.


A naked could have spammed 200 beancan grenades.

But i was the only person of the server with him. and i didnt spam grenades on him ^^