Items, weapons Help.

I need help with my server, weapons and items are all bugged Up.
When a player drops money the money is stuck inn the air, and when gundealer buy gun or shipment and spawn the gun its just stuck inn the air.
I really need help with this,

Contact me on steam if you wanna help fast.

If you are using DarkRP (which I will assume you are) You need to get the CS:S items in your server. It also might be something with the admin add-on you are using. I know when I owned a DarkRP server that I tried NewAdmin and the players couldnt get the weapons.

Hmmm, ok i will try this.
But its like that on all Mods i used, currently im using Epic Rp.

Thank you for Fast Reply.


Its to do with CS:S, as Props said above, for any roleplay gamemode based off of DarkRP, or any others with weapons. But please, next time, use the search button. This question has been answered a countless number of times.