Itinerary Road

I think that in the new map of Rust is necessary to enter a road itinerary . Both for the beauty of the map , but also to make easier the orientation of a player , and to find another friend. Especially because the map is random , then find a friend every time in a new server becomes difficult . You can not implement it as of Rust Legacy ?

This topis has been discussed at length search the forums

And they come to a conclusion ?

The conclusion is that there are and will be monuments/landmarks…and is even the option to scale the map size…sun rises in east…sets in west… snow and desert biomes are always in same places on every map…etc… u should be able to find your friend in 10 min or less of u both F1 + kill and locate the same monument ie. Wolf in desert…and both run toward it…ez.

Understood. Thank you very much!