"It's a human, turn that damn light off! you're blinding him!"

Couldn’t sleep so I posed this.

I promise I won’t spam these again. :v:

Tried editing it, with help from Joazzz.

bourbon is waiting in the background cause mr. blurry stole his shotgun :I

Tactical flashlight is more effective as a weapon than a tool

I really hope they tone that down a bit… because otherwise… dark maps are going to suck. :suicide:

I like the composition of this shot and it’s a pretty good idea. My only problem is the awkward look of the guy with his mouth open, his gun seems to be on a strange angle.

I don’t like whatever the vmt effect is that makes their hands glow, from this far away it’s just looks like pretty akward white mess.

Epic lightning is epic

Thanks, yeah… I had somewhat pictured him as lowering his gun and turning at the same time… I can see where you are coming from with him looking a tad odd.

It’s a normal map… all the Call of Duty models had them because in the IW engine they work different. These are model hacks which still have the normals.

I try.

Thanks a bunch guys.

The posing is so-so, but the lighting is excellent.

Thanks, still working on posing but I think I’m getting better.

I like those models are they released??

Yeah, everything here was released publicly.

Care to provide a link or something?

Searching garrysmod.org for “metro 2033” only brings up this, and Ctrl-F’ing for “metro” in the Models Releases section brings up nothing.

I’ve been searching for a while now, mostly for the models used for the rangers, though it looks like a lot of other Metro content is being used here as well.

Would be much obliged.


those lamp models…
are they in the metro 2033 pack aswell?

Love it.

I like it. In my opinion The lights are better on the second pic, but tbh I think the color correction is better on the first one. In my opinion, the blue color correction on the second pic is a bit too much. But again, that’s just my opinion :]

Personally I think the blue light makes it look more sombre while and gives it an added layer of realism.

What did you do to get that effect?

Well, I used a lot of different models. The weapons are the only ones that are actually from Metro 2033 (IIRC).

For starters:
Heres the actual Metro 2033 guns. They’re quite large… so I suggest you use the prop resizer tool. I found that .75 for the X, Y, and Z values was decent.
The map is part of oskutin’s unfinished maps… it’s called rp_metro - Be warned, you do need the materials and models that he posted in that thread as well.
The Ranger hack which is just made up of Panther from MoH 2010 and some extra props added on. The map can be body grouped off. The face has no posing… unless anyone would like to volunteer to fix that. - The MoH pack contains some Chechen rebels that are useful for Metro poses
I used these for some of the guards NOTICE: Requires These
These were also used for the guards
I also used this pack of miscellaneous props from Metro 2033
These too if I recall
More stuff (Metro and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mix)
Railcarts are here
The lamp is from Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 (I forget which one) along with some of the other props (that you can’t see) and the front barricade. The sandbags are from Day of Defeat: Source

And… I think that is everything… I think…

Thanks a ton!

The first picture had no color correction. It’s un-edited :v:

I changed the contrast a bit and did some dark blue overlaying as well as changing the color levels.

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