It's a long fall towards Davey Jones locker

This is actually a remake of the very first screenshot I made in gmod. The old one was shitty, made on gm_construct, used default CSS models and they were invading the top of a building full of gmans. Sadly, I cant find it in all of its shitty glory, but figured I’d do a tribute to myself to show how far I’ve come (Thanks to you guys for the helpful c&c and simply sharing your works)

And yes, that ship is shitting out a canoe.

Pirates are getting better at what they do everyday.

That is a big oar I think.

Pirates are dickheads!
this is original. I dig it

Why couldn’t the 11 year old get into the pirate movie?..* It was rated Arg!*

I dunno…

It’s supposed to be a boarding plank. The boats are doubloon powered.

Neat idea.Well done!