It's a me. Mario!

Made a 16 storey classic Mario today. Unfortunately the draw distance on stone walls doesn’t work too well, but it still looks ok.

full body shot

How do you plan something like this out is what I want to know
Edit:FYI Windows have farther render distance than walls for some reason

Um, look at mario’s pixels. Differentiate his very few colors and choose a material to use as a replacement. Build a wall in the place of each of his pixels.

I took my own pic of it

That’s awesome you found it. You took a pic of the back though with all the scaffolding - though maybe I shouldn’t have built it facing the water. Or maybe I should’ve just destroyed the scaffolding.

Are you guys on non-PvP servers? Couldn’t imagine pulling this off with the lot I roll with. Ghastly brutes.

When I’m looking to just be creative, I specifically choose servers that don’t have tons of people. Also, I’ve met lots of people recently that are more into working together than killing each other. It’s so easy to get up and running now anyways, there’s no need to kill anybody, except for sport or trolling. This only took about an hour to do, though I planned it out on paper before I started the game.

I like building different things. On another server, I built a pretty sweet saloon. We had a whole town set up. My saloon had a bar, restroom with 6 urinals (furnaces), 2 japanese inspired kneeling poker tables, a front porch with railing and steps, a floating hexagonal chandelier, 2 balconies, and an upper floor with 6 rooms for prostitution, complete with sleeping bags, bed side table and lamp. If I rebuild it again, I’ll post a screenshot.

lol i didnt even think about the fact i was on the wrong side, DERP.

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we just split our server into 2, a dev branch and a stable branch, and had just wiped right before darkhorse logged in, so the population was low.

On average we are 4-5th in the world pop wise. now with the split of having 2 servers we will have to wait and see.

Very cool. Keep this post relevant for a week so this gets into next weeks community blog post.