It's a MECH! (Picture Heavy)

Hey guys, its Whitersinner0 with another contrpation. It’s a MECH! The torso is turnable by mouse and so is gun.

This is it when it’s not activated.

This is when it is activated

Some pictures of it moving. LOL

Couple of pictures of it shooting.

Yes…I know the feet are showing from the bottom. I didn’t think that would happen. xD

Thanks To:

Sestze (for his e2 on the mech)

Please Rate and Comment.

Quite tasty, a video would be nice though.

It’s a mech alright. Looks clean.

I rated you box, not because you’re dumb, but because it’s too boxy :[

Will you release it :3?

It’s blocky, and it only has one gun.
Try giving it a better shape than this.

Very blocky. Try using vanilla props.

boxy and not much details :byodood:

Someone has to make a small mech, using the prisoner pod (as the hip) and small, short legs, so that it is about the size of person.

And it should have a mouse aimed grabber.

Just version #…1. There will be updates. So please give some ideas.

The mech is bland and unremarkable.

Use vanilla props or other non-square phx ones.


Its OK I guess…

It looks like it’s made out of blue cardboard.

You know a contraption is bad when the creator’s response to criticism is:
“This is just version _ the next version will be better.”

You are wrong. This is my first mech. I said version #1 because there will be more mechs in the future.

An opinion can’t be wrong.

Lacks detail, too simplistic. :expressionless:

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