Its a mistake

Yah this weird. I got banned from when i haven’t been on it for while. I was on it a few days ago and posted a comment that didn’t insult anything. I followed the rules. I downloaded a few things then I left came back today looking for a map and saw I was banned. So heres my question garry. On what terms was I banned? I read the note and im not complaining just wondering.

What was the note?

He ment on what Garry says once you get banned. It will block you from the site and say you were banned for what ever reason and then says you should not complain to him. And I’m sure there has to be a reason on this.

Actually I never did anything for like 5 days on the site except get some maps and leave so I got banned unjustified.

you don’t hold much truth in your words… no proof no nothing… just your word… and sadly that’s not much

FYI- im banned too pal… from making comments… sure the first week of commenting was just… OVERLOAD… but i reaaally tryed being helpful and giving truthful remarks trying not to be mean… and if they did take my words as harmful i would try to reason… sadly i faio there… but hell… i went out with 100plus! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah? What was the comment?

Haha let me guess you were signed in while chatting on Disqus? Lol I never sign myself in. Also I always delete my account after around a crap loads of comments. I had around 567 comments. And 623 likes.

I just coppied that new warning and put it as my comment. So yah. I dont see how that can get me banned.


If you werent banned you would see the truth in my words.

Ummm I’m not banned, and I don’t see truth in your words either. Any one can come up with something and say that they did nothing at all, but end up actually doing something really stupid and lieing to others that are actually trying to help you. And posting the warning sign is pretty much troll. I’m sorry so there for you do have a reason why you have gotten banned. Case closed.


Going around and spamming this text: “WARNING: IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING.
YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT WILL BE BANNED FOR BEING AN ASS HERE.” is your reason to why you’ve gotten banned. Unless you ment something else, then I think you need to actually tell us what kind of “note” you were talking about. But spamming that text is a reason why you probably got banned for.

Where did you get spamming the warning from? I posted it once and that was like a week ago and I havent been on the site for about 2 months. What I am saying is that there is no reason for me to be banned. Whatso ever so im asking if garry would at least tell me so im not sitting here wondering: “Why?”

It’s still considered as spam. And I’m sure you have other reasons. You’re lieing that’s what you are pretty much doing. There has to be a reason why you have gotten banned. And I’m sure Garry won’t reply because you sure as hell know what you have done that gotten you banned.

>.< How many times do I have to say im not lieing. I have no idea why im banned. And its not spam if its one time

If every one on the website post that constantly, as others only post it once, it’s still spam. And really annoying to others.

? I was like the only one to post it ever just once which btw once is not spam. Its one time. Not spam. Your argument is invalid.

Calm down.

Ive copied and pasted the Warning aswell, but afterwards i made fun of the thing in question.

And its kind of annoying when you just copy+paste the warning only, considering its right above your comment…

…in red letters. Its hard to miss, and noone wants to read it twice.

My argument is invalid? Stop trying to troll kid. You’re lieing to every one. You deserved to get banned from the site because of how stupid you are. Seriously grow the fuck up. If you can’t follow Garry’s rules then that’s your fault. You screwed yourself on getting banned for being an idiot. And I doubt you posted it once. There’s always a reason. So right now you might as well leave since Garry won’t help you with shit.


And that you’re banned for ever. And that it’s pointless to sit here and complain about how you got banned for a good reason. Because Garry won’t unban you.

^ Because profanity means you know what you are talking about.

I’d send a courteous email to Garry explaining about why you think you were banned mistakenly/unjustly. If possible, include the comments you recently made.

O.o How come everyone here thinks im complaining, a 12 year old, and a spammer? I was a good gmod player/contributor. I made good maps, encouraged new guys that wanted to map, and bever broke the rules so you all are wrong. Besides 1.) I’m asking, 2.) im 15, and 3.) its not spam if its once.

Just shut up kid you won’t get unbanned nor will you get a reason why you were banned because you already know the reason.


On Topic:

You got banned for being a moron and spamming, it’s quite funny how you don’t have your account as a link since you’re a troll and you’ve probably commented on a shit load of downloads.