Its a Pokemon World-Bunch of Pokemon Pics

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A Bunch of pictures I did for the Pokemon Pack #6 that was recently released. As I tested each model, I took pictures of them. Personally, I think Pokemon look better on TF2 maps or very cartoonish maps.

Credit to:
RTB-He ported a bunch of them and let me beta test
Apochedgie-He ported a bunch and let me beta test
MrWhiteFolks-His badass editing tutorial

PS: Forgot to add, almost all of the models in the pictures are beta models, so they are fixed/improved in the final pack

I love the posing, you make them look real cute

dawww wittle pokemons.

And I recognize like only three of those…

493 thus far, and another 100 or so to come.

I’ll never be the greatest Pokemon Master if I gotta keep catchin’ 'em all…

i want to do a master ball bombing run on that area

Very nice pictures, Heart for you and your Pokemon friends.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

I only know of Mew. The rest are new to me o_o. But they’re nice pics :D!

I want to shoot the creator of card games because of this thread.


I messed up Aipom, and as is usual with every gmod model, smaller models are tough to pose(eg.Pachirisu)

Synopsis: Groudon came up from the Earth and sluggishly roams the area before tunneling back down.

And I caught a shiny version of this bastard in Ruby after 73 retries.

who draw the picture of mew

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Who bump dis thread?