It's about time I contribute

This is for all rust players or anyone who uses unity player in general, This will make ie, chrome, firefox run from your video cards gpu instead of your cpu. Thus vastly increasing performance issues.

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After you make the changes I’d suggest restarting to clear system cache, that way you will see the decrease in ram usage/performance changes

I would also suggest disabling any add-ons, extensions etc. free’s up more ram XD

Yeah thanks alot man,I think I see some improvements :smiley:

“Doesnt work anymore, this has been changed”

Use opera. Numerous topics about this already.

Don’t know why but I do see an improvement?

I mean you can’t say it doesn’t work because when I did it my firefox was using almost 300 ram to run. now it uses 93.

I have 2 video cards, and opera is only browser that i was able to enablu gpu acceleration on. Haven’t tried “nightly” though.

How do I use the acceleration on opera?

Go to nvidia control panel, 3d options. Choose application; use high powered gpu. I suppose algorithm is about the same for ati cards.