its about wrong banned :(

:rock:i just change my Os from win7 to win8, then i installed the game and couldn’t login any server. an error appears “like facepunch connectar vac banned”, please check my profile again i didn’t any hack or helping program :frowning: one last thing, my steam name is “nash” but someone took it before me, may be u have banned wrong guy :frowning:

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Contact Steam support. Facepunch can’t do anything about Valve Anti-Cheat bans.

You cheatet. Deal with it

thank u i 'll try

Above and beyond the fact that Facepunch cannot undo VAC bans, VAC goes by account ID numbers, not names. It is not possible for someone to use a name and do something to trigger VAC and have it transfer to someone with a similar/same account name.

VAC checks your game files and looks to see if there are any 3rd party shit downloaded and installed inside (Hacks for example) or if you were screwing with the files and fucked something up it will ban you too. VAC is a program that does this automatically, it’s not a person. You can get false banned but it is very very unlikely, changing your OS or something like that isn’t going to get you banned because it doesn’t affect the game in anyway. A little tip of advice here buddy, make a new steam account then buy rust again, but before you install rust make sure that you delete the hacks you installed to ensure you don’t get banned again.

They can unban you if you post a video on youtube with yourself on the webcam or at least record your voice on the mic explaining what happened . They always unban people if they do that , if you only write they won’t . Good luck mate !

Dead horse, meet ground.

Wrong place to be asking about a ban, because most here blindly worship VAC like it’s the most foolproof thing in the world. As we can see by the hordes of cheaters in Rust alone, it’s really doing a good job. :rolleyes:

VAC takes a long time to catch cheaters, and doesn’t catch them all.

But the cheaters VAC catches, they are guilty.

I cant tell if this is a troll post or not.

If I could I would play u a song on world’s smallest violin in memory of your account.

Since I can’t play any intruments I will just say gg, make new acc and buy rust again.