"It's alittle cold out tonight eh?" + Bonus

I think I did really well on the first image. I spent awhile on it, though if there is something wrong with it, tell me how I may improve. Second two images were for fun.


Really nice posing on both. Have an artistic.

I love the second picture. Faceposing and fire are quite good in the first picture.

Looks nice.

Omfg at the fire in the barrel

The first one kind of asks for more shadowing and contrasts, but that’s just my thoughts.

Great great potential you have. (:

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: And I agree with you Paravin, I did a little shadowing with it, but not enough. Since I haven’t really done much shadowing before I didn’t wanna make it look horrible.

Nice job. Those birds? They can be the original that comes with GMod now could they…

Why yes Rastifan they just might be :slight_smile:

Alrightythen. They just looked so high quality from what I picture the model.

Damn Nice Edit, Nice everything
the dog picture makes me laugh. :smiley:

I like the edit of nr 2. :smiley:

Nice attention to details mate.
Editing is simple but great.
You also got some posing skills going on :smiley:

Thank you, I enjoyed making these pictures.