"It's all over, Dr. Freeman."


Filter rape

Poor Gordon. Though techinically he doesn’t have any emotions when you think about it.


Dude’s a fucking automaton

It looks strange that there are no blood paths between wounds and the pool of blood.

It’s because the blood isn’t coming from those wounds

If you’ve ever played Episode Two, you’d know why. :v:

Yeah, I’ve played Episode Two and know that these wounds are result of the Hunter’s attack. However, the picture has nothing to do with the game and the wounds should probably be compositionally connected with blood.

aw she dead

Thanks Garry for retweeting this from my twitter <3

The filters are very wonky and ruin the image, And the posing isn’t that great either.

Actually I only used one filter, the “sketch” one in GIMP. Everything else is in-game. I used that filter because it made the shadows look pretty.