It's Better to go Around

Two screenshots in one day. Once more, the Universe has exploded.

Is that a watermelon growing in the bush?

Looks so.

That’s what my friends and I are joking about. It’s a Neo Tokyo model.

Shouldn’t they be bracing those guns against their shoulders instead of holding them elevated?

Can you explain what you mean?

Sorry for being unclear.
Normally, when you hold a rifle, you brace the butt-stock against your shoulder to take the recoil. As in, the back of the gun should be touching the guy’s shoulder. Flat, not just slightly.
Like this:

Right, I see what you mean and to explain myself and why I posed them like that, the reason is because they’re not engaging but moving at high alert. If they were taking fire, they would be firing back but they’re just sneaking around with their weapons slightly up.

If you’re explaining something that the screenshot does not depict, that’s usually the sign that the screenshot is not good.

But I think it’s obviously clear what it’s depicting.

Also, I think you should look before you speak.

Alrighty, I’ll just wait for Rossum to take the stage and explain this seeing as how I have no field experience and could very well be talking out of my ass if I were to say anything further.

hahah you’re a fucking LIAR.

obviously you have never carried a rifle and must think it’s as light as air; the buttstock for the most part always stays against your shoulder while doing any kind of movement unless it’s against your hip or in both hands. if it’s aimed downwards at 45 degrees, it is put under the armpit, rested on the shoulder, or placed at the hip and aimed parallel to the ground

WHY IS THIS do you ask well it’s an easy answer – because that’s how you hold it, you dimwit. bigass rifles like that aren’t just little compact things you can tote around with one hand on the reciever. you just can’t do it in any kind of practical means because the weight is distributed all over the place and if you just hold it with one hand and no support, like the moron in the front with his hand on the foregrip and no support at ALL (which you just can’t do unless your wrist muscles are like lead), the rifle will just tumble out of your grip or you’ll suffer some serious muscle problems later i just laugh at your endeavor to lie through your teeth to explain yourself

don’t do it, dude. just don’t. it’s obvious you made an error, and that’s OK. what isn’t OK is that you have to lie about it to cover it up. don’t be a douchebag.

The guy at front has the m4’s buttstock pressed against and partial over his soldier. The weight of that is in the front, of course because of the RIS and m203, but it’s common for soldiers to hold it from the front when doing hand signals. The only other place to grasp it would be on the pistol grip. Which would then cause problems in the wrist.

The two guys in the back have their weapons in a “ready” stage. Which means at any moment’s notice, they can pull their rifles up, and since it’s already against their shoulder, they can fire it in seconds.

If they were heavier weapons, like say an m240 bravo then yes, no man would hold it one handed or hold it in the “ready” position for a long time. But since the weight of a Scar-L (loaded 8.5 lbs) and m4 with m203 (loaded 9.6 lbs) are light compared to heavier weapons, the weapons are easy to move with and such position is possible.

I’m lost in all this military jargon that you fuckin people do

particuairly when rossmum does it

but what this could use is some way more interesting lighting, you have that combine lamp thing and you coulda used that to make the lighting more interesting

I’ll find a way to make the lighting more interesting in the future. Thanks.

Rifles built on the AR action are (until you start hanging shit off them) as light as feathers. Obviously optics, PEQs, 203s, etc. all add up but a basic M4 weighs practically nothing in rifle terms and is generally carried with the butt slightly above the shoulder when not aiming but expecting action. The reason for this is that pivoting the weapon up will then put the butt against your shoulder, while carrying it under your arm or with the butt resting on your shoulder will result in having to raise it, which obviously adds time. Obviously this doesn’t happen as much with heavier weapons or those with a different design to the AR series.

If you want heavy (for its size, anyway), try a Steyr. Not only does it weigh about as much as a brick, but all that weight is in the front half of the weapon (barrel and gas assembly, near-solid milled receiver) so it balances really weirdly. It’s comfortable enough to shoot (although your supporting arm gets sore pretty quick due to the weight), but carrying it is a pig and as a result most digs just fold their arms across the rifle, cradling it (when not expecting a contact). Holding it in the typical position you’d see an AR held in is awkward with the grip up and downright painful after a while with it down. It’s short, but it’s also clunky. Holding it in one hand at your side is fine, but trying to hold it with one hand in any other position blows. With an AR, it’s possible.

Of course, I’m wiry as fuck, so guys with actual muscle would be able to tolerate it for longer - hell I know guys who have gone akimbo at the range for shits and giggles, but it is definitely heavy by comparison.

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So as much as I hate to say it, you’re wrong in this instance. Also you need to do a lot of shit one-handed out field, so comfortable or not, you do get used to it.