Its broken :(

How can I fix this?

No errors nothing :frowning: I use CakeScriptG2. Can someone please help me?

Is it a player or an entity ?

If its an entity, you need to go into its init , where its schedules are, and set its animation acordingly

else, i have no idea

Its a player, citizen.
CakeScript has animations.lua . maybe thats usefull?

But lets say, DarkRP does not. But his animations work perfectly.
DarkRP also uses Citizens and such. But falco says that he uses the animations from sandbox?

OH! i know whats wrong, you need to link up player movements with the IN_ enumerations to set their animations

one sec, getting ya a link



Thanks, where do I put this?

you would put it somewhere in your init i think

No, you have to extract source 2007 models to your server.
There’s no LUA needed.

You meen source 2007 shared models.gfc?

Garrr … i is a lua aprentis, not engine expert , how should me knows!!! XD anyway, sorry for ‘wasting’ your time :frowning:

When extracted.
Do I put it in: orangebox? I meen the models folder.
Or in orangebox/garrysmod?

Ok , if your using GCFscape, open the Cource 2007 models GCF file, go into hl2/models and copy/paste everything into garrysmod/garrysmod/models

Hope i helped

I did it now, but still, the animations are broken.
BEFORE the update, animations worked. But now, they are broken.

The way third person animations are handled has changed :