It's embarrassing!


Report and move along.

u report 4wat?

i do nothin1!!!

Okay, this is my last post to you until you make another piece of shit like this.

If you honestly dont know, you are acting like a troll. Your grammar is off which only provides more truth to the undisputable fact that you, sir, are a failure.

To not be a failure, you should:

A: Use better grammar.

B: Stop making comics.

C: Stop acting like a 3 year old. You dont :iceburn: people just because you say they suck, thats just stupid.

D: Put more effort into it.

Abide by these, and you shouldnt get reported anymore. But you were already reported, so you cant really do anything.

That’s triple the reports, fatso. You’ve already got an administrator on your tail.

you guys are fools
you dont see these are good comics

good my fucking ass THESE ARE FUCKING SHIT!!!


He’s doing this to rage you, and it’s working.

Whoa, man. Show me how to do that. Your MSPaint skills are fascinating.


i rage no oen
i share gud comik

Why didn’t they permaban you?


I was directing it at you, no way I’d defend the OP.

i just gonna stop commenting on all this crap

Good comic about the state of the health care industry in America

I think my IQ just dropped. At this rate I’ll be as smart as Mentally Handicapped Fish.

Am i the only one who actually enjoys troll comics? : |

Reported :razz:

Can somebody tell me why people keep doing this shit? It has never been fun and won’t get fun either.
Are they retarded or sexually abused or something?