It's everything that is connected and beautiful and now I know just where I stand

your pictures confuse me egevehehfdgjhfhgfhdfnd

but they have pretty colours

awesome light!

Combine’s mind: That face, it’s sooooo beautiful!.

Very nice, but you could have at least fixed the brick textures in the background.

They’re not broken. The wall isn’t flat.

That’s goddamn artistic. Really atmospheric.

The only thing that bugs me is some aliasing problems, mainly on the guy’s face.

problem is that I can not afford such luxuries as anti aliasing when my graphics card is at 80 celsius degrees

I don’t get it but its a nice picture with nice editing.

Nice, although I can’t quite understand the middle Combine’s pose.

Photoshop :science:

[editline]Just stroke the aliased parts with matching color.[/editline]