Hello fellow Face Punchers! Today I’ve found something… Something so amazing… Somthing so beautiful I can’t even.

Haha, hopefully someone out there will want to convert this into a playermodel for Garry’s Mod. ( If you do, send me a link! ) c:

Here’s the link to the WorkShop:

That is one of the ugliest models I’ve ever seen.
It looks like a 13 year old trying to be Gabe Newell.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a decent looking model come out of Fuse.

Case in point…

Wait, so it’s a kid, but he looks like he’s in his late teens. Either the creator doesn’t know how to scale down models, or the Crying Kid is that old. Makes FNAF4 a lot weirder.

Don’t forget pube-face Markiplier

Holy shit, someone is excited about Fuse [SP]Wich can be useful in rare oportunities[/SP]

It’s useful for people who aren’t pros at character modeling to be able to make characters that the older experienced modelers won’t make. You’re either too young to make them from scratch, or too old to care about them, such as Youtubers or Live Streamers or “the memes”.

Fuse is attempting to bridge the gap (but usually falls into the uncanny valley in the hands of the inexperienced creators)

These models are all very similar and for how many he’s making they aren’t very good. There’s also something creepy about modelling a real guy for Garry’s Mod or SFM or whatever.

nothing creepy about it, celebrities and many people are modeled plenty.
this fuse shit doesn’t look good at all

Bold and brash this model belongs in the trash.

Oh god :frowning: FUSE

I actually don’t think it looks too bad.

I think it’s just a bad animating job.

The face could be tweaked a little, but it’s still nowhere near as grotesque as this version right?

Not the model they’re talking 'bout.

I know that I’m saying the model in the op is no where near as bad as the one above, comparison wise.

The one you posted a picture on is actually far more resembling than the fuse one, plus it’s less shit and more effort was put in to create it.

But it’s not a good model anyhow.