Its getting so tireing

Hello i’m Joe and i’ve have had rust for awhile now and im done with hackers its just so tiring I go outside every morning I die instantly bye the guy named ("_) and its super annoying he’s even raided my bases a bunch. And I cant get his info because he hides it on steam because hes a hacker. I just really need your guys help all these hackers are just really killing the game for everyone (check it out on official server North America 3)

try a community server with activer admins perhaps. the hacking issue wont be fixed on this version of rust, there is no point.

Ya i didnt think of that its just i put so much hard work into that server is such ashame on what hackers can do to video games

The game is in alpha. You should be ready to lose everything at any time if a patch or an issue required a complete server wipe, repeatedly. Progress permanence is something you start counting on in mid/late-beta, not this early. The sooner you come to terms with this, the happier you’ll be.

Furthermore, the build you’re playing on isn’t being updated anymore. The old version of Rust wasn’t intended or designed to be used by 1.6 million players. It was built very insecurely for iteration speed and simplicity, with the idea that a small group of testers would form around the game and follow it through, with an aim to have the client moderately hardened against hacks a year out.

Well, Reddit heard about Rust and the hype train took it viral, and so the devs made the jump to a fresh start rather than salvage and patch up the old version.

I want to point out that I’m not saying that what the hackers are doing is okay; fuck them. However, better that everything is hacked up (and the exploits worked out and patched) now than after the Early Access tag comes off and is replaced with a 1.0 release announcement.

maybe before you go and put something on the internet, you make sure your spelling is right.