It's good to be back, looking for suggestions

So I’ve started playing gmod again, and I’m slightly terrified by the amount of new maps out, yet at the same time bored of the old staple freespace06v2-1.
I’m looking for a really good build map, the one everyone loves to play on that everyone has. Huge grid, nice looking, high skybox, nice detail but still leaving something for the imagination (what is gmod for after all?)
I’m running the game on a crappy laptop, so unfortunately huge fancy shiny maps like gm_atomic and mobenix make my comp suffer form internal hemorrhaging.

Any suggestions from the people who have been online lately and seen what the best and favorite build maps are? I see a lot that I like but I’m not sure which ones have actually been tried and approved.

Thanks :smiley:

~Captain Flagella

Flatgrass :downs:

Not big enough, I already thought of that, but I have the feeling there is a better flatgrass out there somewhere that uses the whole grid.
Or does the basic flatgrass use the full grid? oO
I’ve always thought it was kinda small…

I suggest you to just use flatgrass if your computer is as shit as you say, since that way you can spawn alot of props without lagging.

yeah but it’s too limited, no water, no buildings.
My old favorite maps are freespace 6 and gm_wirecontruct_rc, although the latter has a really depressing skybox, but I love the map for the simple and yet inspiring landscapes and stuff where you can build anything you can think of, trains, boats, airplanes, etc. etc.

gm_buttes / gm_buttes_night

Thanks ^^