when they implement them

i wont sleep i think…

Haha I was pretty excited about both as well… Great progress on the terrain generation, the stone building pieces are still just concept art however. Not sure how I feel about the wood mix of the walls/windows/doorway… I figure stone buildings would be strong because they’re made of… stone? Not wood framed stone laminate.

The floor is fine, I like the looks of the pillar & ramp, and the stairs are beautiful- Hopefully they get the wall portions looking just as nice and solid.

Unless… They’re intending for stone construction to be the intermediary stage of Wood and Metal… Reserving the spot above metal for the Brick/Cement construction that someone found out about a while back. Interesting…

Well, I can’t sleep now.

Time to play another 6 hours of the best damn game.

Uhh wouldnt procedural map generation be kinda horrible? I mean, no one would be able to find anyone anymore, there would be no lore about some clash that happened in hacker valley, only nameless structures everywhere… Oh well! More to adapt to!

Not to mention we couldn’t just use rustmap any more.

You’re dropped on an unknown island. Naked, no friends in sight, and armed only with a rock. Rust.

That looks pretty awesome, I think it time to spend some cash on the game.

Quoting Gary: ‘… but I know a lot of people have hard ons for caves

lulz - so full of win this is…

Seriously, how stupid can you be? The stone structures are artwork, no one said it will be implemented or used the way the picture shows it.

The procedual terrain is just for testing, because Garry dont know if they should have maps or procedual terrian. So this guy is testing it out and checking if it will fit Rust, no one ever said they will use, or that it will be added in the near future. Rust is currently running on a test map, and until they got new systems, it will run on the same test map.

its time for something new and that really fast the servers are empty and people bored.

they are going for a very specific style, that just confirms that military weapons have no place in this game

Nice, living in those stone structures will make me feel like I’m a hobbit. :smile:

I’m especially excited about the caves Garry mentioned.

guess i should stop laughing at the people I raid that have like 4k stone stockpiled lol.

I assume it will be somenthing like :

Wood > rock > Metal

I hope they make metal bases harder to make but stronger :3.

Hope this drops next patch, however I don’t think it will drop till a patch or two after the UI patch hits :frowning: Facepunch that tease :stuck_out_tongue:

they are “working” on stone structures since 20. January… so dont believe that this will be released in next hours/days/weeks…

Maybe it wont drop until next year… or never. Its concept art, dammit. I can say that its 100% sure that it wont drop next patch. There will be new content soon as the devs have said, but no, it will not be stone walls thats not even been modelled or programmed, just drawn on a piece of paper or what not.

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Man with common sense

It’s problably going to take a while but its nice to know that they are working on it :3. Doesnt really matter if it takes 1 week, 1 month or maybe more as long as we know on what they are working. Those teases are nice to keep our dreams.

Rust player with no dreams = " my game ruined by a hacker/glitcher etc. F this game ! devs dont care about the game anymore ! "
Rust player with dreams = " My game ruined by a hacker/glitcher etc. Oh well, it happens this game is going to be awesome anyway. Devs are working "

Honestly ! Dont need to patch every week ! Just need to talk with us every once in a while. How about posting more on ? more info, your toughs,plans,ideas,projects. I can live with no updates for a while as long as i know wth is going on :P.

Its CONCEPT art. Its not like they are “LETS START MODELLING AND CODING AND PROGRAMMING CAUSE WE GOT THEM CONCEPTS”. There are concept art for new wodden building stuff too, but are they working on it? No.

The new wodden building was done by a community member. The devs liked so much that they kindly added to trello. It’s on TO-DO list so we all assume its somenthing they plan on doing or they are already doing it.

Also its not a concept art its a model and i’m pretty sure they are working on it :expressionless: and like i said before… i dont mind if its going to take 1 week, 1 month or more. I just like to know what’s going on every once in a while.