It's Killing Me to See I'm Killing You


Ees all inside my head

Second picture is fucking brilliant.

Second picture reminded me of that one short stalker comic.

Who is that in the first pic?

Some succubus chick from Vindictus.

Where can I get those women model in the first picture?:dance:

The guys who made the girl model probably never saw a chick outside hentai. Her body is so deformed its hilarious

Her legs are twice as big as the upper side of her body omg, and look at those hips
Bigger than an obese black woman’s

Love the second picture though.

Well that’s a touch racist. Has it occurred to you that maybe he wasn’t trying for realism? Also it’s more the skirt than the hips.

Yeah I thought the same thing. She’s supposed to be a succubus so I thought the typical Japanese over sexualized proportions kind of made sense in this case. But yeah, she’s like a foot taller than the Horzine Troopers I used for this.

What the hell is a Horzine Trooper?

Horzine = Biochemical society which accidentally launched a zombie outbreak (how convenient) in Killing Floor.

you have a download link for it?

The fuck is this doing here?