It's Metrocop with free time time!

Inspired by the great Crazy Knife.


Maybe a bit big. o.o

I lol’d, it’s a shame that I don’t have much free free time

Then have free free time time.

I don’t blame the old man for trying to eat the watermelon.


Amazing posing and editing

I lol’d

nice pose

I laughed.


Hahaha, that was fucking awesome

Awesome :smiley: Have a artistic!

The last frame , seems like metrocop is saying “IN YOUR FACE!”

I laughed too also.

hahaha hilarious

Well that was funny.

Haha. Pretty nice.

I feel the film grain and RGB effect thing is a little heavy in places but the explosion was awesome.

“Eat dat watermelon.”

Noise could be better.

I lol’ed! I liked the “prank video” idea.

Yeah i tried to get it heavy when he set it on and when the explosion took place. So it looks like the camera got the blast too, but maybe it was too heavy on some non-special moments too. Thanks.

I loved it. Just like spanish inquistion.

Oh rofl

I lol’d

(making a stereotype of internet meme’s) shouldn’t the white guy be of another race?