It's my first time...

Plan on being a consistent contributor to this forum until the game is off beta - if the hype is correct this game is going to be awesome and I strive to help make that happen.

*I will be playing tonight around 9PM for any of those interested in giving me a welcoming party. *

Steam name is Thugged Out 1 or look out for my name in the server D3F3ND3R Invite me to one of yours or send me a friend invite with a message that your from RUST


and when I’m feeling trolly get as far away as possible

With that said, let’s have fun boys!

Marilyn Monroe is overrated.

thats cute bro, good luck playing with hackers and exploiters. Also you will probably lose all ur stuff within 24 hours because of sleeping bagging/crack loot. The game isn’t as fun as it use to be, plus a lot of people quit rust.

Welcome, you’ll hate it.

soo… at any point in time, there’s somewhere where it’s 9PM in this world. no idea when YOUR 9PM will be…

When I search for those on steam I get a ton of users, no idea who you are. maybe a link to your steam profile would be helpful. Also, your linked steam profile in your forum profile goes 404.

Overall note: 6/10 friendly but not very informative.

It’s going to be another couple of years before it’s out of beta. The game is not even in beta yet…

What exactly do you mean by “constant contributor”?

Everyone is right, there are plenty of hackers, so learn how to build a good house and get ready for people to use ESP to find out where your stuff is and steal it.