Its nice to have a beer with a friend :)

Good times . . .

I wonder why are there so many noob posers join Facepunch at this moment.

Everyone started to put shitty poses on facepunch, me too.

Well just SORRY for trying.

Giving up doesn’t help. You should guess how I started!

Like you.

Keep doing poses and you’ll become a lot better overtime. Don’t give up!

Also if you want to get your hands dirty on lighting, try Psycorevolutions lighting tutorial. Fool about with the camera’s field of view/zoom, it makes everything look rather empty or out of focus. Do not worry! Just keep on trying and you’ll eventually churn out something decent.

Dur durr

Maybe it’s because everyone starts from somewhere? You can’t exactly start doing something and not be a newbie.

Considering how it’s very similiar to the stuff you posted half year ago I don’t see why you’re being all elitist and shit.

Because they can’t stand your use of the english language, but seriously your a bit ignorant if you think everyone has to be the best of best when they first start posing, my old stuff was shite compared to my new stuff, even some of those are shite in my opinion.

Dear OP, don’t let users like miroki here give you reasons to feel bad, quit, as tge old saying goes, practice makes perfect, in miroki’s case ignorance makes a dick.

dem boozzzeeee

Posing’s pretty good, though the picture is rather empty. I’d also recommend playing with the Post-Processing effects to make the image look better.

But yeah, good job.