It's not a prototype anymore. (Su-47 gets the drop on an AWACS support flight)

Starchick didn’t get to smoothing the russian planes yet. :frowning:


This my fine sir is fucking cool.

Yummy models. Makes me want to fire up ARMA 2 and fly some aircraft from mother Russia.

Needs smoothing lol, but I like the models.

How did he get the drop on them though, you could SEE him from the cockpit.

Capitalist pilots too busy counting their money to see him?

do want the models

Somehow I think that aircraft would have been spotted a long time before that, whether visually or electronically.

Great picture though. Shame about the shitty lack of smoothing. When are these models going to get a proper release?

F-16s run like babies with spoiled diaper?

Starchick did the planes, he basically released all the ones without smoothing. Then he’s coming back and slowly releasing smoothed versions. U.S. planes got done first.

The russian pilot is good to go, I just gotta make a release thread and upload. :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s a S-37 sukhoi

They changed it’s name. And Sukhoi is a company, not the name of the aircraft. It’s called the Berkut (Russian for Golden Eagle). A long while ago they called it the S-32.

Damned crazy commies changin’ their names of their plane often

And get confusing alot, espically between “mig 29” and 'Mig 22" and espically with airliner jets