Its not easy being an admin

Having children harass and abuse one another especially an admin when they have the chance

What has your experience been whilst hosting a server?

Guy in global chat says:


Sees that an admin was already on the TTT for about a few hours.


  1. People who think they’re right in any circumstance and if they break rules, you are the asshole for enforcing punishment.

  2. People who don’t read the rules and then whine and act as if it’s not their fault when they’re punished.

  3. People who cannot simply say ‘I fucked up’ and go to extreme lengths to blame something else, i.e calling the damagelogs wrong.

  4. People who ask a question, don’t listen to your answer and then ask the exact same question again.

  5. People who think admins are there to suit personal needs and demand you permaban someone for coughing.

  6. People who are lazy and want everything personally handled to them.

  7. People who don’t take anyone else into consideration and think the game revolves entirely around them.

i.e 90% of TTT players

Ahem. Don’t mind me.

If you think being an admin is hard then you’re just inexperienced:-/ if they break a rule warn them, break it again then slay, break it again then ban. If they do any douchebaggy things like what NiandraLades said then they are clearly shitty players and don’t belong on your server. In the end they would end up ruining the game for people who actually wanna play, so I just kick them. They usually don’t come back.

Usually when I get on I have to micro manage my staff. If anyone trolls or anything like that then I’ll know they are because, I mean, who has the proof of what they actually did? (I do)

Running TTT is annoying because what NiandraLades says is true. Though it becomes easy after dealing with it for a certain amount of time. After that you can just ban, slay, or kick with a rhythm. Also I get told that I wrongfully slayed them for RDM. Show them the logs and boom, you’re golden. Then you can slay, kick, or ban. (Whatever your rules are.)

Fuck serious roleplayers, entitled shitlords

The one thing i hate about being an admin is that your always the bad guy in the eyes of the person you punish. Another thing is when idiots know the rule, but they continue to bend them just to piss the admin off

It’s not as much “hard” as it is incredibly stressful sometimes.

Sometimes I will be the only admin on a server because the server is too full for anyone to come to assist me, and all but maybe 2 of all the other players are stupid people, trolls or crying children all causing trouble at once.

At times… it’s like babysitting a small classroom full of mid-functioning autistic children. By yourself. And no one can get along. At all.
If it were my server I’d deal with it quicker in my own way e.g. just kicking all of them without a warning but alas I don’t have a server (for a very good reason as you can see) so I have to closely abide by the owner’s rules, which are usually 3 warnings, and then kick or ban depending on the offense.
So with those set as admin guidelines, it does get stressful. Even the usual warn kick ban is stressful.

People telling straight up lies. checks logs

I use to host 3 or 4 DayZ servers some of the biggest in Australia and a minecraft server
the only thing i had to deal with it Hackers

But true

All my experiences as an admin can be summed up with that I never enforced ridiculous rules, so I usually avoided drama at all cost.

Grow some balls and keep your server professional.

I ban people for breaking rules and not obeying by what is told
my servers are kept professional.

Keeping a server professional is damn near impossible with the majority of the game’s playerbase.
Besides, how is “growing some balls and keeping your server professional” help against idiots breaking rules when you’re already punishing for it?
Is he not allowed to vent sometimes?

Obviously you can do this, but remember that you have little to no influence about the players who join your server.

Well, if you are the owner and everything is setup correctly, including the rules and other staff members it’s less of a pain in the ass than being a player I guess. Unless you aren’t so good in holding up your rules :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate when a group of friends joins and they start ghosting or RDMing as a team. It’s kinda funny though aswell. When you start banning their first friend they all start calling admin abuse on you and say that the server is gonna die if you

-Permanently banned retard

I love the kids who say they’re going to report the server to Garry/Valve for being warned/kicked/banned.

Couldn’t agree with you more. If they’re being a cunt ban them. They’re not gonna stop just because you said so.