Its not the bugs that bother me, its the lack of Developer updates.

I expect bugs and hackers etc… in a game like this that is in its Alpha state. But what i think would help is more transparency and information from the developers. i.e: what are they working on, why are they spending time working on the “sleeper” servers, are they dedicating any time to the hacker problem? If they would just explain and open up, i think it would help. I would like to see more Polls put up on the forum from the devs, as well as keep the blog updated more often.

i rather have them working on it than checking the forums all the time for this bullshit…

you know that a small number of people work on the game do you? it’s not that easy to just update the game.

Yes… but the function of moderators and/or a PR guy if they should have one is that you keep the public informed. I’d personally like to know what’s being worked on and being done about some of the major issues. The only information we get are the occasional front page posts.

But the big problems we see and are being discussed on the forums seem to fall on deaf ears. At least, there’s no response… so we can only assume they’re not listening.

I’m ALWAYS big on dev - community interactions. It’s the sign of a great dev team. Take for example, Path of Exile. I use these guys as an example because they truly are amazing. These guys made a game with an extremely small dev team. They are as indie as indie comes. Yet they still go on the forums and respond to questions, concerns, and suggestions.

I sent one a PM about game development. A personal message asking about the process, how they were so successful, and some tips they might give. The LEAD dev… the CEO if you will of the company, sent me a PM back with information on what he did to become successful within hours. It blew me away because I didn’t expect someone to care enough to reply let alone check their box as such a high level developer.

That’s the prime example of what a good developer is.

I definitely agree, it would be nice to have some sort of twitter feed or blog that we could check to know what they are working on at the time. I know sometimes the problem with that is then community expects those things as they hear about them but really I would just like to be kept up to speed.

this game is still in the “development” stage, and this is the best place to get ideas and feedback! taking the time to share with us some of their ideas and reasons behind their decisions will allow us to give better more specific feedback. and even with a small number of developers, taking the time to talk to the community and work with them etc… im sure could save us from a lot of bad-ideas/decisions.

besides, would it not follow that a slower more purposeful/open development process would yield better results, than if they charge blindly ahead trying this idea or that, and instituting random “experiments”?

AGREED. just a small tid bit of information like once a week would be nice i understand that gary and his team probably have a life outside of rust, and the hrs they put into the development.but as a member of this community it would be nice to know atleast a hint of a response more often.

I guess a develop update every 2-3 days isn’t enough… lol some people.

You can thank me now.

How about some actually needed updates? Sleepers is a joke, their lack of activity on the forums most of their players discuss topics regarding THEIR game is laughable.

I guess that’s why servers are down, they don’t even realize because they simply do not care.

The small dev team size, nor “this is alpha” means anything. All it takes is a single message saying they acknowledge the major issues, which would take what, 2 minutes once a week? A 7 year old doing homework will tell you exactly what he’s doing if you ask. These guys won’t even type a single letter of the alphabet.

i think they’re just simply saying too little about the game in general, all the while asking for money. Apparently I bought a KOS kiddie game where every other person cheats in some way or is a griefer.

This thread is important, hopefully the dev’s see it and adjust accordingly. The poll numbers are no lie.

It wasn’t a joke. The population for Sleeper server speaks for itself if you are paying attention.

Sleeper servers are a successful system that needs to prevent unfair combat logging. Believe me, I was abusing the combat log because people have the upper hand of logging out with all their valuable and just randomly firing weapon because they got nothing to lose. There wasn’t enough risk for players who “have all” compared to players who have little.

Rust will revolutionize the Day Z concept and become kingpin of zombie apocalypse game.

If you want to know why I combat log, it is become of the game system that gave too much safe haven for people logging out with all their valuable. What next? Should they logout with their car with all the items in their trunk also?

I like the sleeper system. In a game like this, nothing should be safe. Not even the kevlar mountain bandits in their mighty fortress. Besides, if you really want to be safe; the map is huge, go run 30 mins into the wilderness if you want to be safe, nobody is out there.

Just so you know did you ever read the updates?! he said he will be doing more updates on the game. while you guys whine about it they are working on new ideas, ect. hes making new things in the game, it takes time for him to write out and plan what to say in the damn update so stop whining and wait a little and be patient if your not good at being patient go play a different game we already have enough sh!t posts about this.

The ability to walk through walls negates everything the sleeper system stands for. Once they fix that, I think the sleeper system will be decent.

They update their blog every few days, max posts his progress in the chat threads, and the other devs are constantly replying to people here on the forums. It’s pretty silly to accuse them of not communicating just because they’re not saying what you want them to, which is changing their stance on hackers at the moment.