its not working!

i try to load a map, and it does not work.
can some one help me.

garry has to fix it.

Explain the problem.
Does it go back to the main menu or does the game crash? System specs and map name please.

If you have gm_mount2, then L4D and L4D2 maps dont work.

This is an example of how not to ask a question. Take notes everybody.

the game crashes.
i don’t have gm_mount2.
the map’s name is gm_artillery_v2
my processor name is: Intel® Pentium® M processor 2.00GHz
1024 RAM
Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, build 2600)

When is it crashing? If it’s on Sending Client Info… then that is already a known bug:

Same thing is happening to me, every single map, can’t join servers, and apparently we’re the only ones that get the error. I think we just have to wait for a new update because this update seemed to fuck it up.

it is also single player that crashes

it crashes ones its done loading.

When was the last time you played Garry’s Mod?

A while back, [Probably sometime in May.], Garry had an update that made you reinstall it. I don’t know why it did this, but it just did. Just try reinstalling.

Did it start after the recent update?

last time i played gmod was last month.

If there was an update that required reinstalling there should be a pop-up or a huge news update informing everyone to do so.

Cheap or not, people still paid and pay money for this.

Have you tried renaming your gmod directory?