"It's nothing personal Vinny, you just fucked up one too many times." Mobster getting shot


This is as hot as your mother my dear.

Thanks babe.

Field of view is off on the right side of the screen so it looks really fisheyed. The blood splatter looks very pasted on with no depth, and the chair particles don’t look like they’re really coming from anywhere.

You also probably shouldn’t edit in a major light source like that.

Well isn’t the don gonna be pissed when the bullet goes through chair and the shoulder and hits him.

Nice work there Hunter! Arty’d

Male 07 in the back there looks like he’s a bit jaundiced.

I really like the faceposing on the guy by the fireplace.

As a huge picture and a stitch it looks great, but the blood edit ruins it. Seriously, you’re terrible at blood.


Oh, and the weird lighting as Dean mentioned.

the blood looks terrible, i’ll third that


not even the most hardened mobster is immune to negligent discharges! :pseudo:

Low res textures right next to hi res textures, extreme fisheye on the right 1/3 of the screen, lighting is very plain (looks like map lighting) and unfortunately the gunshot is not well done.

You need to fingerpose everyone, not just the people holding things or else you get this;


dick gun. awesome!

Glad I’m not the only guy that thought this

Is the guy in the background on the right eating his cig?

The editing is nice, but as been stated the posing on the guy shooting is extremely awkward. It looks like he’s cumming bullets. The fingerposing isn’t a huge deal but I think you should fingerpose everyone.

I actually thought the editing was the worst part of it.