It's Official, Rust is now called RustZ , the successor of WarZ!

I have WarZ ever since it launched , the hacker problems , dear god were horrible and annoying as fuck but still Rust is BY FAR way more UNSECURE than WarZ was when it had all the hacker issues.

Rust is UNPLAYABLE at its current state, stating that VAC is doing its job is clearly untrue since you can easily find 20+ hackers in a high populated server EVERY DAY even if you ban them you always find new ones. Why? Because VAC aint doing a good job.

What can we do? Rust doesn’t only favor huge groups as it favors hackers too apparently. Why waste over 200 hours playing rust , making huge ass base with 100+ metal doors when hackers just poof lets fly to last floor and walk through the wall like its nobody’s business.

inb4alpha justifies the hacking problem.

just become a hermit, man.

that’s not the point of the game, where’s the progression when you can easily die against 2 people and lose everything you’ve got just because you’re being forced to play as an hermit?

Don’t inb4, you’ll get banned
VAC is like the best anti cheat out there, how is it bad?

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For Rust to truly be comparable to WarZ aka Infestation first they would have to rip off their game assets from Crysis and the Walking Dead, have the lead developer Garry call all the Rust players f@@@ots, go on a massive banning spree, banning anyone who dares to suggest on the forums that Rust is anything but 100% perfect, instead of having their developers fix the game have them publicly bash and flame other games like Rust and DayZ and then have the game be such a piece of shit that Steam has to take it down and start refunding people their money.

Then it would be like WarZ/ISS.

they’re nowhere near done dealing with it. be patient. It’s an alpha, you really shouldn’t be getting so worked up over WIP shit not working like a finished game would. Wait and see how things work once they’ve made more progress on the anticheat solution.

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in the mean time, just find yourself a community server to play on.