It's okay, you're safe now

horrible edit

I dunno what it is about the shading, but I think it looks really cartoony and that kinda ruins it.

The background is way too bright, and you probably should’ve gone a little easier with the SDoF. Posing is good as usual, shading is a bit sloppy, but it’s something at least a bit different to what you usually do at least.

his body’s like twisting in half in the middle :3 The sky is a bit too saturated, desature is what i would do to it

the handmade shadows are very crudely put in and the color of the shadowing doesn’t match the lighting hue at all

I like the fact that the background isn’t some cloudy ass brown. It’s a nice, vibrant sky with light colors. You know, like a real desert.

The posings good, but I am sick of all the Modern Warfare styled screenshots. Everything in this section seems to follow a fad, which dissapoints me. I wish we could mix it up with various different screenshots.

But still, it’s not terrible. It reminds me alot of Medal of Honor, which is good I guess. But the grass edit doesn’t look all that good.

Overall, it’s pretty nice, but editing and SDof could use some work.

Hooray more Generic shit by zz.

hooray for the… same models… again

I don’t mind. Pretty cool picture.

It’s just too bright. You make a blind people shine.

Did someone fuck seth-eran in the ass ? He keeps rating people dumb, that’s quite clever.

Retards? On FP?

It can’t be!

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Also I just realised that the pilot’s torch is ragdolled to the body, whoopsies


The posing looks nice.
Seems a little too bright in some areas though.