Это тихие ... слишком тихо. - It's quiet... too quiet.


This is my first photoshop of snow, so tips would be most welcome.

Original: http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/358/csassault0001t.jpg


If you’re going to give me boxes, please explain to me why it was dumb.

i like the snow, but it seems a tad bit cluttered

try to make variations in particle size

Where’d you get the APC skin?


There you go. :smile:

It looks like the Russian is catching a snowflake.

Snow lacks depth, posing could be better.
Also try shading and shadowing.

I honestly thought he was pretending to squish someones head…

Здесь тихо… Слишком тихо.
That’s right.

They guy with the RPG should get down, they will see him if they look up.

his fingers

OH my sweet lord stop translating awfully conjurgated russian from the shitty online translator crap. the russina titles are getting reallly old