It's raining at the swamp...

This is my first rain effect.
Sorry for creepy blood drips on her claws, i don’t know how to do them more realistic.

So, rate & comment, please :smiley:

Gotta ask you shitload off stuff:

  1. How did you do those fucking epic rainsplashes?
    2.Why is the witch looking that high res? How did you pull that off?
    3.How did you do that rain?
    4.Are you using Gimp or Photoshop?

Omg epic picture


Also, what (if any) tutorials did you use?

Combine I think you’re over-reacting about the splashes. They’re okay, but I’m hardly getting an orgasm like yourself.

Witch looks good in this (no not in that way, you sick fuck). Nice work overall.

I’m using photoshop.
There are tutorial, you’ll need to complete it until step 7, then apply some “Artistic” filter. And maybe some motion blur.
Witch looking high-res, because it’s my high-res skin :smiley: Also, Filter->Sharpen->Unsharp Mask & Image->Adjustments->Curves.

Link to that tutorial maybe?
Also thanks for that filter method. Im so saving this.
Well I tried rain splashes with everything and I horribly failed everytime.They look good IMO.

Oh, i forgot:

Mothafucking Photoshop.
Thank you kindly MadCopter :wink:
Really need to get Photoshop asap

Not to want make you sad or somethin’, a’ve seen better splashes.

Much. Much better. Looks just like a white brush.

Nice hi/res skin. Blood is good.

Rain is weird.

Overall, nice picture. Artistic incomin’

They’re rather bad, looks like he went to town with smudging.