Its Rusty In Hell!<-->Custom Quest, Loot & Crafting<-->Insta+PvP+Sleepers+Airdrops+Active Admin <-->

Its Rusty In Hell!<–>Custom Quest, Loot & Crafting<–>Insta+PvP+Sleepers+Airdrops+Active Admin <–>

** Its Rusty in Hell! **
-----Your Friendly Admins-----

We are 4 Friends with have a common goal to develop & provide a Unique Enjoyable, Balance Fair & Entertaining Gaming Experience. We have a second server available for a future white-listing service. Some Players will be selected & invited for free on the white-listed version once it becomes obvious they are fair players After some time has passed. There will be donate to join option for the white-listed server to help offset expenses.

  •                Current Changes & Mod Info!  *

Remove Mod
Quest Mod
Kits Mod
Base Alarm

-----Loot & Crafting-----
Explosive Charge Can Only Be learned Via Blueprint. (Researching Has Been Blocked)
Explosive Charge Blueprint can only Be Acquired Via 125 Zombie Quest.
Explosive Charge Blueprint Has Been Removed From Box & Zombie Loot.
Explosives Have been Added to Zombie Loot Table. (1 Max per drop)
Explosives Cannot Be Crafted & Can now be Acquired Via Rare Zombie or Box Loot.
Rusty Weapons Have been Added to Zombie Loot Table. ( Revolver / Hand Cannon / Pipe Shotgun / Hunting Bow / Handmade Shells & Arrows)
F1 Grenades Have Been Added to Zombie Loot Table. (2 Max Per Drop)
Smoke Signals Have Been Added to Zombie & Box Loot Table ( 1 Max Per Drop - .3% Drop Rate)

-----Free Kits-----
Custom Starter Kits
/Kit Starter = 1x Cloth Helmet, 1x Cloth Vest, 1x Cloth Pants, 1x Cloth Boots, 1x Hatchet (Unlimited Use)
/Kit Home = 50x Wood Planks 1x Wood Door 1x Storage Box (One Time Use)

----Quest Info-----
10 Custom Quest Have been added. ( Altered Greyhawks Quest mod )

1. *9mm Pistol          *             - Kill 20 Zombies
2.* p250 Pistol          *             - Kill 30 Zombies
3. *Mp5  Rifle*                          - Kill 40 Zombies
4. *9mmAmmo*                        - Kill 15 Zombies     (25 rounds)
5. *M4 Rifle*                            - Kill 50 Zombies
6. *Bolt Action Rifle*                 - Kill 80 Zombies
7. *556 Ammo*                         - Kill 20 Zombies     (25 Rounds)
8. *F1 Grenade*                        - Kill 20 Zombies     (3 Grenades)
9. *Explosives           *              - Kill 25 Zombies     (3 Explosives)
  1. *ExplosiveCharge BP * - Kill 125 Zombies

-----Still to Come-----
Booby Trap Mod ( Exclusive Mod In Development)
Safe Zones ( For Trading ) Via The Zoning Mod ----
A Remake Of the Perks With New Perks such as Movement Speed & Mele Swing Speed. [ This Mod is Just Theory, Haven’t Explored if its even possible Yet ]
Heavy Edits Of the Quest System
Custom Economy system

---- Currently We Offer a Recruitment Bonus-----***
Bring a Friend to the Server and we will provide 100 Planks Or 50 Low Quality metal Per Friend. [Must active for more then 3 hours in a 24 Hour period.]
We Will Also Provide 1 Smoke Signal Every 5th Friend you Refer to the server. Please Contact Admins Before The Player Joins to inform us who is comming.
[Note they will be Slightly Monitored to verify they are actual active players]

***----ANTI HACKS & FPS----
***Custom Anti-hack mod In Place
Active Admins Monitoring The Server
/Fps For Slower Computers +20/30 Fps

***-----Admin Abuse-----
**Its Simply is not relevant Here.Admins do not participate in PvP or House Raiding with the server population. ** We do however Occasionally Kill and raid each other For some Hot Admin On Admin Action. *We may Build Large Houses, You May break into them. You May Rob us, You May Steal the house. That said, we have all agreed to a limited number of resources left in our homes. Don’t expect The Jackpot. We make & delete what we need on the fly (We don’t kill you unless we’re holding an event and you agree to participate!)
***Comming Soon!


  1. No Hacking, Exploiting Of Glitches or Bugs
  2. No Floating buildings. - All structures must be connected to a Foundation and a Minimum Of 4 Pillars Failing to follow this rule will be considered a Exploit of the / Remove & Your Home and all of its Contents will be destroyed…( You will be given 1 warning )
  3. No Bitching Hacker in Chat. PM a Admin Spaming hacker in chat Kills Servers & Only encourages your peers to leave or logout, Furthermore Generally its easier to catch them if they dont know they are under admin suspicion.
  4. No Base Blocking ( Foundation 3 walls and a ceiling in front of someones only exit.) Barricades & Spiked Fences are however OK!
  5. Co-Operate with Admins When Necessary. Don’t Deliberately disruptive to admin’s or peers under admin assistance.

Everything Else is Fair Game. Kill, Steal , Hijack, Troll, ***Casual ***Shit talk,
PS, We don’t Care if you kill Nakads!

**Its Rusty in Hell! **

Hope You Enjoy you’re Stay!**

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