"Its safer here"

did the air exchange explode or something?

Hey, i said it was safer, not cleaner! -Dr. Wallace Breen.

The Matrix is the world pulled over your eyes to blind you to the truth…

That second pic is really good. Reminds me somehow of that game, the name of which i forgot, where you play Corvo.


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Which makes sense since these pictures are based off of Victor Antonov’s original concept art, who later went on to do the same for Dishonored.

I like you…

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I’ve been trying to find out Victor’s “Style”
Its like steam punk… but like… sify… gothic. thingy

I don’t get it.

Half-Life 2 C17 was supposed to be in the USA, this is pretty much based on this concept art.

His art is a mixture of clockpunk, steampunk, sci-fi, and heavy eastern european influences. A lot of his stuff refers to early 1900’s and 1910’s sci-fi, especially the early HL2 stuff, which refers to Metropolis a lot. Infact, a few of the maps that Antonov made as proof-of-concept or for paint-overs that got leaked with the WC Mappack have areas that are directly references to Metropolis. I can’t remember what VMF it is, but there’s one that is basically just 1:1 the “worker switchover” scene from Metropolis.