It's so frustrating...

I spent 3 days making my base for nothing? After the thursday’s wipe you want to do another wipe just only 4 days later? That’s so frustrating.

Maybe you guys want a wipe but I don’t, I just want my base back.

Hotfix was not a forced wipe, some admins chose to wipe however to try to get rid of people’s duplicated items.

Thank the players who abuse exploits.

There is not way to just wipe the stuff and not the bases and buildings?

I know people hate hearing this is early access and you should expect it but at the same time it stands true and everyone is in the same boat.
Hell, the server I play on still hasn’t updated

Probably not an easy way.

No. Either the entire map gets wiped, or nothing gets wiped. The exception is blueprints; the bp database is maintained separately. This is how a map wipe can happen without a bp wipe.

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However, given that there are commands to do things like remove all of the spawned ores on the map (to trigger natural respawning, such as when ores would incorrectly spawn in the water), there might be a command or command option in the game to wipe specific classes of item that would need to be executed from rcon. I do not know this for sure, but I’ve never seen mention of a command that specifically deletes all instances of C4 on a server.

But, when the server is shut down and you’re working on the file level, you can either delete the map and everything in it, the blueprint database, or both, and nothing else.