"It's the Punisher!"

“Boss… I think there’s something wrong with his eyes:”

Model by
Srgt. Shotup
Skin by
(Srgt. Shotup hasn’t fixed the eye problem)
So I just shopped them in.

I lol’d

His pupils are too small makes him look special in the head. Otherwise good picture

I know.

It’s mostly for showing off the skin.

But I preferred eyes that make him look like a retard over violet.
The eyes making him look like a retard are intentional.


The injured bodyguard on the back is checking Punisher’s ass :v:

Oh god look the punisher head! XD

Would be better with DERP! eyes but I like the model.

No, guys! He’s tripping balls!

I don’t think goons call him the punisher.

From what I’ve read they just call him Frank, or Castle.

If he was his pupils would be huge not tiny.

Yeah, I totally should have fixed that because this is trying to be a Punisher canonical comic obviously.
That highly depends of comic and media platform.
As far as I recall in the new movie they refer to him as the Punisher all the time.
In the video game they refer to him as Castle or Punisher.
And in Punisher MAX they call him Castle or Punisher, that older shit I haven’t touched so I don’t know.

But my opinion is that what criminal would call him with his surname anyways?
I don’t think every criminal from a don to a street level pimp connects the white skull with the name “Frank Castle”. When they see the Skull and black outfit they would of course connect the insignia to the name - The Punisher. Besides again depending of the different comics, movies and stories, in some he’s not even famous. So not everyone automatically knows that his name was Frank Castle.

Judging by the way he’s posed and his expression, I’d say more like Punishinator.

OK, bad joke.

Reminds me of that one punisher PS2 game where you could torture people
"IT’S THE PAWNISHA-Head blown off

  • That stare…* :ohdear:

As captain obvious points out on the picture. It is The Punisher. And with that look… Who needs guns?