"It's them or us..."

Working title: “GMC goin’ NUTS

Took a break from Gmod for a little bit, then came back with a lust for action.
I’m actually super happy with how this came out, and it’s probably some of the most fun I’ve had during a project

Non-compressed PNG

C&C welcomed and encouraged

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Huge thanks to VIoxtar and Joazz for the muzzle flash and lighting tips; Updated pics

Looks good, as to C&C I’d make sure to keep smoke lighting consistent, the smoke on the right is lit from the right, and the smoke on the left is lit from the left. Try and set the muzzle flash effects to screen blending, that should get rid of the darker borders around them

did you paint most of the yellow light in the editing phase? you shouldn’t do that, nine out of ten times in-engine lighting looks better because it actually fits. if you do insist on adding painted lights, be more careful with how you isolate it - if you look at the (our) left side ammo boxes, it’s clear to see how the yellow “bleeds” over onto the sky and other surroundings

as for the color, i would not recommend using flat yellow for gunfire effects, unless it’s a strictly stylistic choice, and even in that case it’s not bright enough in this shot to actually give off the impression of light. the soldier on the left for example looks like his face has merely changed color to yellow, rather than it being illuminated by something. a tint of orange always looks more pleasing to the eye, it feels more “right”.

Thanks Joazz, changed up some colours a bit and re-did/added some in-game lighting, let me know if it works better.

careful with the JPEG compression, upon zooming in i noticed a lot of heavy artifacting

overall it looks better now, more polished

one nitpick i do have about the smoke effect of the falling plane. from the direction of the flames and the way the plane’s coming apart it’s clear that it’s plummeting straight down at speed, but the curved smoke leads us to think that it’s doing a lot of turns and twists on the way down, or that the smoke is already drifting to the side, which would indicate some really destructive wind speeds

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