Its time for GIRLS model!

Hi everyone!
Am I the only one who think that it would be great to have girl models in game? Especially now when it is testing!
Imagine videos on youtube (or other) with naked girls on test server for example! Such vids could take millions views! Very few people like to watch naked dudes! But girls like everyone! Game would become MUCH MUCH more popular!!
Garry, its time for your decision - give us girl models!!!)
… and very sorry for my English))

And one more thing about this:
Female models could bring more reasons to play for many people! I know several married couples that play rust for example! And they enjoy making their virtual house and protecting it. And all girls want to have female models in game!
Rust have great potential to become really HUGE game and i believe that it should have female models for that. it could grow to really big virtual world, if developers would use their CHANCE to do it!!!

No it’s not a porn game, it’s time for the next update

I really hope girl model wont be a “model” sized. Since guy in rust has a six pack but still looks of about normal, how about making her to look like a normal woman and not from victorias secret catalog with doubleD’s.

Pick any from Dove line and you know what I mean

It’s obvious, naked girls = more sales. :downs:

I dont mean porn! Naked girl with hidden intim - even not erotics!

Good luck.

hmm… Naked girls with hidden intim not so naked i guess.
Who needs such girls? Especially if they do not even look erotic =)

Who needs you?

They will definitely add a woman model(a normal one just like the male is not one like in your pic:D) but not for your drunken noodle needs.

So naked men everywhere is fine, but adding female player models makes it a porn game?

There is no reason why the female player model shouldn’t have an athletic build like the male character, rather then an ethically friendly “real beauty” who couldn’t run 100m never mind run across the map.

There are some people. These people have all of us, even you =)

Well, wouldn’t it just make sense to wait for the next update with clothes? I don’t really see the need for naked women models.

So would the women on this forum like to come forward and state their support for this idea?

Yeah, thought so…

I’m sure a female character model will be added in time but it’s not a priority. Although I do agree it would help to balance what is currently a hugely homoerotic fantasy of naked men, running around, wrestling with each other whilst stark bollock naked.

When you grow up it tends to go away. I’m pretty sure you’re not very old though.

I am a female player in Rust, and I would prefer a female Character too. The Naked Version should be an average female not kinda model look-alike.
In my opinion there should be a censored Version (or in Bikini) in general because of such idiot male people…:frowning:

The clothes mustn´t be a variety, a shirt and trousers would be great, the differnce between the men clothes is just u can see boobs and a female face :slight_smile:

Censored version for the girl model.

yeeey :smiley:

“The clothes mustn´t be a variety, a shirt and trousers would be great, the differnce between the men clothes is just u can see boobs and a female face :)”

No need to discriminate. A high proporion of our male players also have boobs.

this isnt gonna happen

facepunch is too shy to animate the boob models :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (they bounce when running)

No, they are all fat and the opposite of fit. Real beauty my ass, none of those chicks is average. Higher than BMI 22-23 = lazy obese. More likely something that could honestly be considered average: