It's time for new GSP's

I’ve about had enough of these crummy server providers. When is a reputable gsp going to be involved in the most crucial stage of player growth? I’m sick of getting 150 ping from a server located 50 miles from my house, I’m sick of the lack of support given by the reps and I damn sure am sick of wasting money on a service that is just plain unacceptable in terms of performance. Get some new hosts and drop your shit ones before you lose your player base

I am on HFB and have no problems.

Just wait lol. You’re in for a surprise. If you think hfb is awesome then you would shit your pants from the performance of a server provider who knew what they were doing

I have to agree.

I used FIVE providers before finally giving up today.

Every single one of them had some sort of glaring flaw or combination of flaws. I’m done with it.

NFO servers please.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I bought and I have seen no issues. Server has 98% uptime and has never lagged.


End of Reality servers. Small GSP with excellent hardware. Garry wants to keep it to his friends now though, apparently.

If they acquired NFO server support…


You would think after being with five different providers with a variety of issues that it couldn’t just be the providers fault. Maybe one or two out of those providers was shit, but keep in mind that Rust is still in an alpha and these issues are bound to happen. I guarantee adding more providers will not to the mix will not fix any of the issues people are happening.

So you guys are telling me that every GPS out there is really bad?

I’m currently hosted on HFB and while I’m getting DDOS’ed, I can’t access my server at all. Is there any GSP who has some level of DDOS protection?

I specially entered on this forum to look for other (better) GSP’s than this.

Aw man…

Maybe, but most of them had issues with support and customer relations as well.

I am with streamline-servers thy are ok have had some down time here and there but that was the game being an alpha. at the start there was some big probs with ddos but now everything is sweet. one down side thy only host in AUS.

2 hours later and my server is still down and DDOS’ed

Servers that are DDoS’d are usually null routed by the datacenter in which they are hosted in. Depending on the data centers null routes can take up to be 24 hours to be lifted.

Thanks for the reply Pwnz0r and I guess you are right. Last time it happened it was down for 12+ hours.

+1 for NFOServers.

You should all tweet to Garry about it, wouldn’t be the first time.

Nfo needs to be added. Hands down the best host I’ve ever been with. They are respectful towards their clients, they have supreme performance and your questions will always be answered in a timely manner. I wish they would consider adding a gsp that is experienced.

Been with NFO for years, nothing but top quality support and services. There’s no one else on planet Earth I’d recommend more. I really hope they can have this game in their lineup.

Is it me or does it seem like every single provider is being hit by DDOS and experiencing tons of rubberband/lag?