It's time the fat cats had a heart attack


I’m a bit rusty.

The text and that red overlay looks terrible - way too cartoony. But otherwise it’s pretty good, interesting concept and good posing overall.

Cool. I loved 1984, best book I’ve read in a long time.

The text on the shields and the red overlay is pretty cartoony. like already stated.
Camera angle is also very boring, aswell as the posing.

this is… odd.

it isn’t like your stuff

Some of the posing feels off to me.

This is not like you.

Thanks for re-saying the post before you, really did good there.


I liked the screenshot the beer bottle edit was fantastic, the metaphore was really great.

Not what I expected.

I like it.

Doesn’t mean I hate it. It’s just not as good as what he usually does.

I’m not really interested in Gmod any more. I probably spent less than two hours on this edit so it shows. I was somewhat bored and avoiding doing an essay at the time when the latest Muse album inspired me to boot Gmod up and quickly put something together.

Apologies for the lack of effort. I’m putting more effort into digital art now-a-days, spending 12 hours painting in Photoshop rather than doing the somewhat less well-respected mixed-media work of Gmod.

show more of whats in front of them otherwise we have no idea what the fuck is going on

I totally recognized that title the instant I saw it.

Muse <3

Something is particularly interesting about the whole “THINKPOL” and the entire shot being done in panoramic. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it just gives a stronger impression than if it was done any way else. It’s great.

Isn’t it blatantly obvious? Police don’t line up in the middle of the fucking street with shields with an apc for no reason and people don’t tend to be left dead in the middle of the road and it doesn’t often rain bottles. At least not in Manchester.

Well actually it does rain bottles in Manchester but that’s beside the point.


Waste of a beer. :frown:

I was just listening to this song


this post is doubleplus good

I like it.
Nice break from your regulars Chesty.
Diggin’ the Muse as well.
I like the blur, the liquid, and the glow on the stun rod.

Thanks for all the comments!

Not sure what this refers to.